Lee Vining, CA

Aspens do look ghostly as their white bark gleams in the forest. I welcome their mysterious presence. Because, I ask you, why is their bark white when the bark of other trees is dark? Why the smooth, and sometimes peeling bark of an aspen versus the deeply ridged and textured bark of another species? As Rilke said, “Learn to love the questions.” One of the great gifts of nature is what we don’t know, and the state of wonder such questions engender.

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  1. Kenneth Snyder
    October 31, 2016 at 10:05 am

    Susan: Quaking Aspens have always been my favorite tree. This time of year they are in full bloom. In fact, I almost moved to Colorado because the state is full of them. I have a hypotheses about why they are so ghostly! Ron and I were out deer hunting once, and ran into a thicket of them. As I explained to Ron how my heart filled up upon seeing them, he asked me, “Why do they Quake?”
    Then he picked a leaf and showed me that the stems are flat, unlike other trees whose stems are round. So maybe that is why the bark is as it is! Excellent photo, and very aptly named. Keep shooting!

    As Always,, Kenneth

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