Monthly Archives: June 2016


Radiance for web

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA

Summer soltice is my birthday – a child born to light. Yet, aren’t we all? The discipline of photography is to continually observe light, an endeavor each one of us can cultivate. I was strolling in Golden Gate Park with my beloved cousins and their Bernese mountain dog, when, across the street, the elements of light came together. I dashed across the street and snapped the photo you see here. For my birthday, I gift this photograph to you and send you out to dash toward radiance.


In View Negative

Dry Falls – WA

 Why, you ask, photography? Moreover, why black and white darkroom photography in the digital age? I honor all mediums and their makers, but, for me, traditional film photography is both medium and metaphor. Each step leaves a seen and an unseen imprint on the final image. The negative becomes positive. The silver Рthe precious Рis revealed. From scene to print, with camera and enlarger as interlocutors, transformation occurs. Each photo, a token of our own ability to evolve.